Passages II

An experimental video installation that considers oceanic thinking as means to connect related histories of exploitation and resistance between islands in the Pacific and Caribbean.

Fields Fallen from Distant Songs

Interweaving folk songs and ghostly images, this short film poetically and enigmatically explores the past through a present day gaze.

Passages I

This experimental film made by intervening on archival documents through hand-processing 16mm film is projected onto a sugar glass screen.

Silhouettes Remain

Drawing on an assembled collection of images of European Orientalist paintings depicting women, Jeffereis’ video employs digital editing techniques as both a critical examination of colonial fantasies and a speculation on liberatory possibilities.

The Moment before a Dream

The Moment before a Dream is a film and performance lecture that rewrites archival spaces of darkness as sites of emancipation, refuge, and reinvention for the women put on display in ethnographic exhibitions at colonial world fairs. 

Seeing Water Lilies

Seeing Water Lilies is a three-channel video that reflects on what it means to see art in the absence of sight, using verbal description for people who are blind or have low vision. 

Heart Mountain

The artist and her mother repurpose a traditional Japanese Bon Odori Festival dance as an act of remembrance at the Heart Mountain War Relocation Center in Wyoming--a  Japanese American incarceration camp where the artist’s maternal grandmother was detained from 1942-45.

From Every Pine Tree

The artist, along with her mother, stages an intervention on the Wyoming landscape where her maternal grandmother was incarcerated during World War II.


Temixco repurposes a Japanese Bon Odori dance, traditionally performed during ceremonies to honor ancestors, at water theme park built over the site of a World War II Japanese Mexican incarceration camp.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a thought experiment about ethics, identity , and world-building that stages a US naval training exercise  outlining a post-apocalyptic survival scenario in which ten people occupy a fallout shelter.